Meet the Ambassadors

  • Dale Headhot
    Dale Moss
    “I was immediately drawn to ARKHAUS, not only due to the innovative design of the structure itself, but also because of the promise of fostering a genuine sense of community."
  • Danielle Headshot
    Danielle Moinet
    “I love all things Web3, technology, health, and community, so joining ARKHAUS was a no-brainer for me. It’s an honor to be onboard and I’m excited to connect with so many like-minded members.”
  • Cyp Headshot
    Jonathan Cyprien
    “ARKHAUS is unlike anything else we’ve seen come to Miami. Being a part of ARKHAUS to me means being a part of the future of my city, and having a great time with my community along the way.”
  • Amanda Saez
  • Axel Oliver
  • Kait Castano
  • Karen Lopera
  • Kira Alvarado
  • Michelle Abbs
  • Orla Roche

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