Frequently Asked Questions



When will ARKHAUS launch?

Our flagship location is due to launch in spring 2024. To see how far we’ve come in our journey to launch, you can check out the entire project timeline here!

What is included in an ARKHAUS Membership?

A membership to ARKHAUS grants members 30 hours of monthly access to dine, unwind, entertain, and socialize all aboard the world’s first floating membership club. For all the specifics, check out our membership brochure here!

What is the price of a membership?

Price is based on your application tier. The application tiers (Tier 1, 2, 3) correspond to the presale rate based on when the application was received before entering the review process. View all membership types here.

What is the difference between Anchor Memberships & Regular Memberships?

Anchor Members are selected in the earliest days based on culture fit and value to the ARKHAUS Community. Founding (Anchor) Members get year 1 access at a preferred rate. The preferred renewable rate for second year will be $7,500 no matter what presale tier the Anchor Member originally came in. All post-opening applications will enter a waitlist membership rate of $10,000.

Can I exceed my 30 hours per month at ARKHAUS?

Yes, additional hours are available exclusively to members + their guests with the purchase of a guest pass.

Will ARKHAUS expand to other locations?

As of now, there will only be one location in Miami. Future locations will be New York City, San Diego, Istanbul, Dubai, & Paris.

Does my membership include access to all ARKHAUS locations?

All members will specify their home location during the application process where they will utilize their 30 hours/month of club access. As new ARKHAUS locations begin to open, members will be granted a limited number of hours to visit ARKHAUS locations outside of their home location.

If I move, can I change my home location?

Yes, members can switch their location once a year to match their permanent residential address.

Does ARKHAUS have a referral program?

Yes, we consider member referrals extremely valuable and encourage submissions to the crew via the ARKHAUS app.

Application Process

What is the application process?

We carefully select which members we accept into ARKHAUS. Upon completing the application, applicants will receive a link to schedule a personal call with the ARKHAUS crew so we can learn more about each applicant and what excites them about ARKHAUS. If approved, the applicant will receive a Membership Onboarding package including a brief background check, which they will have 30 days to finalize. The ARKHAUS crew will then initiate a final review of the application before awarding a membership to join the club.

I applied and paid the $500 deposit, am I confirmed?

While the $500 application deposit holds your spot in line, it does not automatically confirm your membership. Upon submitting your application, the ARKHAUS Crew will review it and be in touch with you on next steps, such as sending a personal questionnaire and scheduling a one-on-one call with a Co-Founder.

What if I change my mind after I submit my application?

Applicants may request a full refund for their application deposit. Those who request a refund will automatically be removed from the waitlist and therefore forfeit their pre-sale rate. In the event that the applicant decided they want to move forward at a later date, their status will remain approved and be placed back on the waitlist in the order it was received. The membership dues will match the current rate available.

My membership was confirmed, do I have to make a decision on membership right now?

Once an applicant is approved, they will have 30 days to complete the Membership Onboarding process. This process includes signing membership documents, completing a quick background check, and submitting membership dues. In the case where an applicant does get confirmed but is not ready to submit their dues, they will have the option to defer their membership. A deferral will forfeit the pre-sale rate the applicant was offered, but retain their approved status for a later time that better suits them, and the membership dues will match the best available pre-sale rate before moving to $10,000/year post-production.

I haven't heard anything since first submitting my application, when should I expect a response?

The ARKHAUS Crew carefully reviews each application we receive, and sometimes it takes a while to get through them all! We promise to review your application as quickly as we can, however, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us directly.

How can I find out more (speak to a person)?

Feel free to reach out to us directly via email or phone to learn more. If you are based in Miami or NYC, we also encourage you to join our mailing list, which will grant you access to the latest news on ARKHAUS, along with pre-launch event invites and more!

Reservations/Getting to ARKHAUS

Where exactly is ARKHAUS located?

The beauty of boats is the freedom of mobility. Members will have 1 consistent tender pickup point, and the club will move around Biscayne Bay from time to time, offering different vantage points of our natural environment and city skyline backdrops.

How do I get to ARKHAUS?

You’ll meet us at the Venetian Marina in Edgewater where you’ll board the ARKHAUS tender boat. A quick 5-10 minute ride on the tender will take you directly to ARKHAUS. Since ARKHAUS is a maritime operation, please be on time! The tender onboarding time will align with your reservation, and we’ll be counting on you to do your part.

Where can I park my car?

ARKHAUS members have access to valet parking at the marina for $10 per 3 hour period.

Can I dock my boat at the marina before going to ARKHAUS?

The marina offers transient dockage at $8/ft which includes water and electric, and reservations are encouraged. We are in the process of negotiating a preferred ARKHAUS rate but can certainly confirm that transient dockage is available.

How far in advance can I make a reservation at ARKHAUS?

Members may book dining or social reservations up to one month in advance. If reserving for a private event or dining experience, please reach out directly to the crew via the ARKHAUS app.

Am I able to preview the bar and dining menus at ARKHAUS?

Menus will be posted on the ARKHAUS app for your convenience to preview ahead of your reservation.

Guest Policy

Can I bring guests to ARKHAUS?

Yes, members are allowed to bring guests to ARKHAUS as long as the member accompanies their guest(s) for the entire reservation. Members must be mindful that the duration of each of their guest(s) stay counts toward their monthly 30 hours of access to ARKHAUS. For example, if a member and two friends come on board for a 3 hour dinner reservation, that will count as nine hours of club usage.

Can I purchase guest passes instead of sharing my monthly hours?

Yes, members may purchase guest passes based on availability by the club.

How many guests can I bring at a time?

Based upon capacity on board, members may share their ARKHAUS experience with up to 5 guests per reservation. Large parties of 6 or more are considered a private event, and may be requested via the ARKHAUS app.

How far in advance do I need to let ARKHAUS know that I am bringing guests?

Members must indicate the number of guests accompanying you upon creating your reservation via the ARKHAUS app.

Can I dock my boat at the marina before going to ARKHAUS?

The marina offers transient dockage at $8/ft which includes water and electric, and reservations are encouraged. We are in the process of negotiating a preferred ARKHAUS rate but can certainly confirm that transient dockage is available.

How does guest registration work?

Members must indicate the number of guests accompanying them upon creating their reservation via the ARKHAUS app. Once the reservation is booked, members will be prompted to share guest information and ARKHAUS rules with each of their guests. All guests are required to sign the tender waiver prior to arriving at the marina. The member is responsible for the conduct and charges of their guests.


What is the dress code at ARKHAUS?

As a club that hosts Miami’s leading disruptors and innovators, we ask that our members and their guests dress the part. Elevated beachwear is the preferred attire at ARKHAUS. Tank tops, plastic flip flops, worn in sneakers, apparel with rips/holes, and clothing with offensive messaging or design are prohibited at all times. Activewear and gymwear are strongly discouraged unless attending a fitness class on board. Please wear proper cover ups and attire when entering ARKHAUS. Appropriate swimwear is acceptable only when swimming or lounging by the pool and we encourage members to bring a change of clothes if they intend to dine or attend the bar after their swim. Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times. Patrons who do not adhere to the dress code will be asked to leave ARKHAUS.

Are children allowed at ARKHAUS?

As much as we love the little ones, the nature of these modular vessels with open-water access do not create an ideal environment for child safety, so ARKHAUS will be launching as a 21+ club.

Are pets allowed at ARKHAUS?

As much as we love our furry friends, with the exception of service dogs, no pets are allowed. Service dogs are defined as dogs that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability, such as guiding people who are blind, alerting people who are deaf, pulling wheelchairs, etc. The task(s) performed by the dog must be directly related to the person’s disability. Dogs whose sole function is to provide comfort or emotional support do not qualify as service animals and will not be welcomed onboard. Any service dogs who enter the premises must be housebroken, harnessed, and leashed to their accompanying individual at all times. While not required, it is helpful to provide evidence that your dog is a service dog (documentation, identification cards, tags, etc).

Private Events

Can I host an event at ARKHAUS if I am not a member?

As a membership club, ARKHAUS is a private venue, and is only available for events to its members. To apply for a membership, click here.

As a member, how can I book a private event at ARKHAUS?

Members may fill out a private event inquiry on the ARKHAUS app. Once the ARKHAUS crew receives your inquiry, they will be in touch with next steps.