Environmental Values

Our commitment to environmental stewardship is unwavering. ARKHAUS employs advanced technologies and design principles that minimize our ecological footprint across all operational aspects. Scroll below to learn more about the three pillars of responsibility ARKHAUS plans to uphold as we build our community with purpose.

Eco Features of ARKHAUS

Why did ARKHAUS choose Arkup as the manufacturer?

Beyond the Arkup founding team’s deep knowledge and expertise in clean energy practices, Arkup rethinks life with-and-on the water with its fully solar-electric, mobile and self-elevating liveable yachts. Their “GO GREEN & LIVE BLUE” motto is music to our ears. Additionally, the Arkup team has been recognized with numerous accolades such as the 2018 Innovation award from the  French-American Chamber of Commerce, the 2018 Miami-Dade Key in recognition of their local investment and job creation, and 2019 Green award from the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce.

How much solar energy is generated from the solar awnings on ARKHAUS?

The solar awnings are made up of special bi-facial panels that collect sunlight not only from the sun above, but also from the water’s reflection below. Each vessel generates 12kW to power everything from air conditioning and lighting to food & beverage appliances on board. Fun fact: the average US home made with solar is a 6.6 kW system, which means ARKHAUS generates the equivalent of 8 homes with solar panels.

Why use spuds instead of anchors?

ARKHAUS yachts employ a 4-spud system instead of traditional anchors, which minimize impact to the seabed. These spuds provide stable placement, unlike the damaging drag typically associated with traditional anchors. The spuds also utilize GPS accuracy, which targets a minimal, precise footprint,

What is the plan for the tender boats?

At ARKHAUS, sustainability drives all the operational decisions we make. Upon opening, our tender boats will rely on traditional fuel sources. However, our team is firmly committed to ensuring a quick transition to solar electric options, and with self-funded solutions underway to produce them in-house.

How will waste be managed on ARKHAUS?

Our yachts are designed to operate completely off-grid, with components carefully chosen to ensure they do not harm the ecosystem. ARKHAUS will utilize a management boat separate from the tender boats to collect all on-board waste, transporting it to a processing facility. Dark water collection will be managed by a mobile waste collector.

Eco Initiatives

How does ARKHAUS plan to support the health and wellbeing of its surrounding ecosystem?

A community at heart, ARKHAUS is in the process of coordinating beach cleanups with local organizations both at the neighboring island of Bird Key as well as other coastal areas in Miami in need of a cleanup. ARKHAUS will also continue to create opportunities to showcase startups and organizations, such as 1000 Ocean Startups, Seaworthy Collective, and TOOL, who are organizations dedicated to ocean and climate impact solutions and innovations (BlueTech) both locally and globally.

How can members get involved?

All ARKHAUS members will have the opportunity to sign up for ARKHAUS cleanups via the ARKHAUS membership app. As we grow, we aim to form a private eco initiative fund giving members access to BlueTech investment opportunities.

Eco Practices

What kind of sustainable practices does ARKHAUS intend to implement on board?

ARKHAUS will first and foremost implement a ban on single-use plastics on board. Concurrently, food and beverage practices will also be designed to minimize food waste. Materials on board, such as Häcker Cabinets, have been carefully selected based on their alignment with the ARKHAUS mission to blend luxurious finishes with responsible design.

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