November 2023 Press Release


ARKHAUS Environmental Advisory Board members named to provide expert guidance in all of the group’s sustainability measures

MIAMI – November 27, 2023 – ARKHAUS has officially announced exciting plans to build the first electric tender boat manufacturing operation in the United States. The electric tender boat venture, referred to as the {CODENAME: E-LIXR} project, will eventually become an essential element of the ARKHAUS experience, which is set to launch in Q1 2024 as the first floating social club of its kind. Established in 2021 by Sam Payrovi and Nathalie Paiva, ARKHAUS seeks to bring together technophiles, disruptors, and tastemakers as members of a forward-thinking social club at sea.

ARKHAUS unveiled a sneak peek of the tender boats that will transport members and their guests in style to and from the ARKHAUS vessels during the 15th annual Southeast Florida Regional Climate Leadership Summit in Miami Beach, FL. Sam Payrovi, Co-Founder and CEO of ARKHAUS, emphasized, “The ARKHAUS concept is intrinsically tied to the water, and our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint remains steadfast. We have always envisioned employing tenders equipped with low-impact electric motors to convey ARKHAUS members from the dock to our vessels, wherever they may be at the time. We were inspired by the luxurious electric tender boats we encountered throughout Europe. Surprisingly, there were no such services available in the United States. Consequently, we felt it was our duty to pioneer this innovation.”

ARKHAUS is currently overseeing the development of vessels #1 and #2 at ARKUP’s U.S manufacturing facility, and vessels #3 and #4 will be delivered Spring 2024. This foray into shipbuilding has given them the experience and confidence to oversee construction of their own electric tender boats. But the e-tender boats won’t be ready for the ARKHAUS initial launch. So, ARKHAUS will start out using two standard fuel tenders. Once the e-tenders are ready, they’ll replace the fuel tenders. Payrovi adds, “We realized that once we develop the e-tenders, why not offer this solution to others aiming to electrify and decarbonize our waterways? The interest from yacht tendering services and municipalities has already been remarkable. There is great enthusiasm about how this initiative can grow and expand, potentially incorporating a network of dockside charging stations. Consider what Tesla achieved in the realm of road travel—these electric tender boats are poised to revolutionize and drive the adoption of clean marine transportation.”

“We’ve always maintained a forward-thinking mindset and a comfort in challenging the status quo,” continues Nathalie Paiva, Co-Founder and CXO of ARKHAUS. “We applied this approach with CSTM HAUS, where, during the height of the pandemic, we partnered with the City of New York to produce over one million face shields. We will continue to rise to the challenge with ARKHAUS, as we embark on creating one of the first-ever floating social clubs. And now, we’re poised to disrupt the boating industry in the U.S. with our e-tenders.”

When the couple had the initial idea for launching an exclusive floating social club, they imagined a serene, upscale experience navigating Miami’s waterways—an unparalleled setting where like-minded disruptors are enriched by socializing, relaxing, learning and celebrating at sea. The close to 300 ARKHAUS members will enjoy yoga and wellness classes, curated dining experiences, water activities and entertainment aboard the four vessels that will often be rafted together, but will have capability to travel independently.

Launching an enterprise at sea requires extra effort to maintain ARKHAUS’ high level of environmental standards. Everything that happens on board is powered by the sun–from appliances to lights, music, etc. Features like solar-powered interiors, low waste food systems, environmentally safe materials, and electric-powered tender boats demonstrate the strong commitment the venture has toward safeguarding the environment. “As we bring together futurists and disruptors, our values must uphold a commitment to sustaining our beautiful natural world and clean oceans—it’s at the core of everything we do,” underscores Paiva.
To guide and support ARKHAUS’ Environmental Mission, the group has designated an Environmental Advisory Board—composed of respected community leaders, dedicated conservationists, and sustainability experts. “We are thrilled and humbled to have the wise counsel and strong support of our Environmental Advisory Board members,” concluded Paiva. “Throughout our construction process, continuing through to our operational stage, we are grateful to be able to call upon our distinguished board of expert advisors.”

ARKHAUS inaugural Environmental Advisory Board members include:

  • Daniel Kleinman, Founder and CEO of Seaworthy Collective
  • Merle Liivand, Ocean Ambassador and Hall of Fame Open Water Swimmer
  • Sophie Ringel, Executive Director, Clean Miami Beach
  • Seth Bloomgarden, Board Member, Surfrider Foundation Miami

“I am truly honored to have been invited to join the ARKHAUS Environmental Advisory Board. I look forward to collaborating with these distinguished colleagues, providing guidance and support as we kick off the ARKHAUS journey,” said Daniel Kleinman, Founder and CEO of Seaworthy Collective, a Miami-based BlueTech (ocean and climate impact innovation) entrepreneur support organization and community, on a mission to make BlueTech accessible and inclusive.” Our partnership will also empower Seaworthy startups with critical opportunities to pilot their solutions in Biscayne Bay, positioning our region competitively among other national BlueTech hubs. ARKHAUS offers like-minded individuals a dedicated space that drives collaboration to find ways to address South Florida’s environmental needs with proactive action and meaningful changes.”

“I’m beyond thrilled to be part of the ARKHAUS Environmental Advisory Board,” remarked Merle Liivand, Ocean Ambassador and Hall of Fame Open Water Swimmer. “It’s an absolute honor to join a team that shares my passion for environmental stewardship. I can’t wait to dive into the exciting projects that ARKHAUS has in store. From advocating for sustainable causes at the United Nations Conference of the Parties (COP 28) to achieving Guinness World Records with open ocean swims, I’ve seen firsthand the incredible impact of uniting individuals to make a difference.”

“Our ocean gives us life – let’s protect it,” stated Sophie Ringel, Executive Director of Clean Miami Beach. “It is a great honor to me to be serving on the Environmental Advisory Board at ARKHAUS. I know how important community is to creating a movement. Thank you for taking sustainability to the next level.”

“Preserving the pristine waters of South Florida is a collaborative effort for a Thriving Future. Together, we can safeguard the vibrant marine ecosystems of South Florida and Miami’s Biscayne Bay,” said Seth Bloomgarden, Board Member of Surfrider Foundation Miami. “Through dynamic community engagement projects like ARKHAUS, we can foster a collective sense of responsibility for protecting our precious marine resources, ensuring a thriving future for generations to come. I look forward to working closely with ARKHAUS to make this vision a reality.”

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ARKHAUS, born from the visionary minds of Sam Payrovi and Nathalie Paiva, the masterminds behind New York City’s renowned CSTM HAUS coworking and event space, is a trailblazing maritime social club. With an unwavering commitment to a more sustainable and interconnected world, ARKHAUS will embark on its inaugural voyage in 2024, offering an unparalleled adventure to like minded members who treasure innovation, sustainability, and disrupting the status quo. For additional details, please visit us at

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