July 2024 Press Release

Launching Soon: ARKHAUS Welcomes Bye Bye Plastic Co-Founder and world renowned DJ BLOND:ISH to Environmental Advisory Board


Miami, FL – July 2024 – ARKHAUS, the pioneering maritime social club with sustainability and innovation at its core, is pleased to announce the addition of Vivie-Ann Bakos better known as BLOND:ISH to its esteemed Environmental Advisory Board. The acclaimed DJ and environmental advocate will bring her passion for eco-conscious initiatives to the board, further strengthening ARKHAUS’ commitment to environmental stewardship.
As a renowned figure in the music industry and a fervent supporter of sustainable living, BLOND:ISH brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to ARKHAUS’ Environmental Advisory Board. Her dedication to promoting environmental awareness aligns seamlessly with ARKHAUS’ mission to create a more sustainable and interconnected world.

We couldn’t be more excited to welcome BLOND:ISH to our Environmental Advisory Board,” said Nathalie Paiva, Co-Founder and CXO of ARKHAUS. “Her commitment to breaking barriers and redefining norms exemplifies the pioneering spirit of ARKHAUS, where each member is a trailblazer leading their fields toward a brighter, more innovative future.”

BLOND:ISH is the co-founder of Bye Bye Plastic, an initiative aimed at eliminating single-use plastics from the music and hospitality industry. Her work in promoting sustainable practices has earned her recognition and respect across the globe, making her a valuable addition to ARKHAUS’s board.

I’m thrilled to join the ARKHAUS Environmental Advisory Board and bring Bye Bye Plastic’s mission for a single-use plastic free future to this innovative community. Together, we can inspire real change and drive sustainability in the hospitality and music industries,” said BLOND:ISH.

In celebration of Plastic Free July, BLOND:ISH joins the respected community leaders, innovators, dedicated conservationists, and sustainability experts who will be routinely called upon to guide and support the ARKHAUS Environmental Mission. ARKHAUS inaugural Environmental Advisory Board members include:
● Seth Bloomgarden, Board Member, Surfrider Foundation Miami
● Daniel Kleinman, Founder and CEO of Seaworthy Collective
● Merle Liivand, Ocean Ambassador and Estonian Hall of Fame Open Water Swimmer
● Sophie Ringel, Founder and Executive Director, Clean Miami Beach

ARKHAUS envisions a hospitality industry where unique settings like Biscayne Bay inspire community-driven environmental stewardship. The addition of BLOND:ISH and Bye Bye Plastic to our Environmental Advisory Board reinforces this commitment as we strive to eliminate single-use plastics from our operations and encourage others in the industry to do the same,” said Sam Payrovi, Co-Founder and CEO of ARKHAUS.

For more information about ARKHAUS and its environmental initiatives, please visit https://arkhaus.club/environmental-values.


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To Vivie-Ann, being BLOND:ISH is about more than being a DJ. It’s all about ENERGY and taking her fans to ‘Happy Happy World’, a road paved with music, wellness, eco-activism and tech – all with a healthy dose of magic. A DJ, producer, record label head, environmental activist and Web3 entrepreneur, she breaks down traditional barriers between artist and fan, uniting her community through pillars of purpose. As a DJ, BLOND:ISH creates sounds that are meant to heighten your senses, open your heart and make you feel good. Transcending typical genres, her expert selections are transformative – be it live or recorded. As an entrepreneur, she helms a Web3 investment fund and is on the cutting edge of the space. As a philanthropist, she has spearheaded the launch of Bye Bye Plastic, a charity dedicated to eliminating plastic waste at festivals and venues. As a human, BLOND:ISH is dedicated to loving all and creating inclusive atmospheres that take people to Happy Happy World.

About Bye Bye Plastic:

Bye Bye Plastic is a non-profit organization started by Vivie-Ann Bakos aka BLOND:ISH that works to eliminate single-use plastics from the music & events sector. Bye Bye Plastic launched in 2019 with the ‘Eco-Rider’ campaign which cultivated support from over 1,500 DJs using their voice to demand event producers to not use single-use plastics when fulfilling their hospitality needs in the green room, DJ booth, and beyond. Beyond the artist community standing at the core of the movement, the foundation addresses every stakeholder of the music ecosystem.